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The following are the specialized units of Asha Hospital:

Asha Alcohol & Drug De-addiction Centre

DIRECTOR: Dr. Ramana Cherukuri

Asha alcohol and drug deaddiction center is associated with Asha Hospital. The psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, social workers and counselors at Asha deaddiction  Center have vast experience in treating addictions.

The centre is situated at Jubilee hills, Hyderabad. It overlooks the Qutub Shahi tombs and the Golconda fort. Every room has a beautiful view. The surrounding area is serene and calm. Asha is an ideal location for rehabilitation of those addicted to alcohol or drugs.

• A/C Rooms. Sharing and individual rooms.
• Furnished and Spacious Accommodation.
• Nursing care and doctors on call.
• Psychiatric, Psychological and counseling services.
• Yoga & Meditation.
• Indoor games - Table Tennis, Caroms, Badminton & Shuttle.
• Gym facilities.
• Piped music in all rooms.
• Television and Video rooms.
• Accommodation facilities for visiting family
members during therapy.
• Aversion, relaxation and Bio-feedback therapy.
• Sauna, massage & Mud bath in arrangement with Nature Cure hospital.
• Round the clock medical care

Contact Details:
Address: Plot # 451, Road # 86,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.
Phones: 040-23540126
Mobile: +91 98484 82506- Dinesh
E-mail : ashadeaddiction@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.ashadeaddiction.com

Asha Schizophrenia Clinic

DIRECTOR: Dr. G. Prasad Rao

The Launch of the Asha Schizophrenia Clinic took place on May 24, 2011

The Directors of Asha Hospital at the launch of asha Schizophrenia Clinic (L-to-R: Dr MS Reddy, Chief Guest and IPS President Dr Tiruvanakaras, Dr Chandrasekhar, Dr Raghuram Reddy and Director Dr G Prasad Rao).

Schizophrenia is a group of disorders affecting the brain and consequently the mind functions.  It is a major psychiatric disorder affecting atleast 1% of population worldwide.  This fascinating disorder has always had impact affecting the intelligence, thought and emotions leading to significant disability by disturbing the individuals and the family (carers).

The Launch of the Asha Schizophrenia Clinic took place on May 24, 2011

The Directors of Asha Hospital at the launch of asha Schizophrenia Clinic (L-to-R: Dr MS Reddy, Chief Guest and IPS President Dr Tiruvanakaras, Dr Chandrasekhar, Dr Raghuram Reddy and Director Dr G Prasad Rao)

• Optimizing treatments 
   – Tailor made for individual 
• Pharmacological clinics 
   – Depot clinics 
   – Providing medications at affordable prices 
• To conduct the clinical studies for a better understanding 
   – Single case studies 
   – Naturalistic course 
• Minimise disability and morbidity 


  • Diagnostic services in Psychology
  • Providing comprehensive care to individual patient
  • Family therapy 
  • Marital Therapy 
  • Rehabilitation services 
  • Taking care of 'carer' needs

Since Schizophrenia is a complex ailment, care given at various stages is explained at the Clinic, and remedial solutions are provided for all levels of Schizophrenia. The doctors help each person understand their role in solving and remedying the illness.

Phone numbers: 040-6675222; 040-23542838
Email is -ashaschizophreniaclinic@gmail.com
Website - http://www.ashaschizophreniaclinic.com

Asha Bipolar Clinic (ABC)


That happiness and sadness, two very normal and common emotional experiences, are the core symptoms of a major psychotic illness has always been a fascinating, though disturbing, fact. It has led to a persistent interest, which started about two decades ago, and eventually resulted in the establishment of the Bipolar Clinic at Asha Hospital (ABC), Hyderabad, India.

Our team includes trained psychiatrists, junior doctors, psychologists, social workers, and nursing staff who function together as a unit with the ultimate goal of providing maximum benefit to the patients.
• Comprehensive care of patients with Bipolar Disorder (BD)
• Educational Materials
• Awareness Programmes
• Facilitate early diagnosis
• Minimise Disability and Morbidity
• Dedicated team of Professionals

Phone Numbers :
Fax - +91 40 23542574
E-mail : drmsreddy@gmail.com

Consultation by Appointment only

For Appointment : 040 66752222

LINK - msreddy@ashabipolarclinic.org


Asha Jyoti Rehabilitation Centre (AJRC)


The new addition is for rehabilitation services for chronic mentally ill associated with  Asha Hospital. It provides long stay and respite care for needy patients. he location is very ideal with greenery all around, away from the concrete jungles of the city and free from pollution.

This centre which is a part of Asha Hospital, established in 2010 is situated at Malkaram Village, Shamshabad Mandal, near international airport is about 20 kms from present set up. Asha Jyothi is spread over 1.3 acres of land, well-connected to the city by the outer ring road. The services provided at Asha Jyothi bare not restricted to just rehabilitation, they also include medical review, occupational therapy individual and family counseling, relapse prevention program, yoga and meditation. Its main aim is to provide rehabilitation services to all the strata of the society.

The vision behind this Endeavour is to be able to help chronic psychiatric patients to return to their families and be able to manage their lives on their own with none or minimal dependence on others. Facilities include single and sharing rooms with round the clock nursing and medical care.

The salient features of the rehab centre

  • Vast open place with garden and playing areas.
  • Outdoor games and a jogging / walking track.
  • An open to sky courtyard for multipurpose utilization including amphitheatre.
  • Indoor recreational facilities like table-works like envelope making to computer training.
  • Round the clock medical facility.
  • A conference hall which can accommodate 100 people.
  • A library for the patients and the trainee students.
  • Spacious and well ventilated and single, shared, and dormitory type of accommodation will be available as per the choice of the Clients.

For further details contact:
Dr. G. Jagannath, Director Incharge - 9848022861
Ms. G. Sai Sudha, Administrator - 9848605727 , 08413253223
Mr. K. Ramakrishna Reddy, Caretaker - 9849619868
Website: http://www.ashajyothirehabcentre.com